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Pangaea Wealth Pte. Ltd. is an independent multi-family office and asset management firm serving private and institutional clients worldwide.

Our carefully handpicked team possesses extensive market knowledge and experience in both the Eastern and Western regions of the globe, allowing us to provide unparalleled family office services and unbiased investment advice and solutions.

Welcome to Pangaea Wealth, your trusted advisor for all your wealth and investment needs.

Bespoke Solutions

Pangaea Wealth offers holistic, comprehensive and personalized solutions to achieve your financial goals and give you peace of mind.

Investment Services

Pangaea Wealth combines its international expertise to meet your investment needs.  Our network and skillset act as conduits to the right investment solutions in Asia, Emerging Markets and globally.

Extensive Network

Pangaea Wealth is your link to subject-matter specialists with relevant know-how for your geographical and industry exposure.


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