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Holistic, personalized and comprehensive solutions to achieve your financial goals and give you peace of mind


Pangaea Wealth combines its international expertise to meet your investment needs. Our network and skillset act as conduits to the right investment solutions in Asia, Emerging Markets and globally.


With our strong alliance of industry experts in the investment management, wealth planning and advisory arena in Asia and Europe, we offer a wide variety of asset management solutions to meet the unique needs of our high net-worth clients and families.

Our unique approach enables us to be opportunistic in identifying and capturing sustainable thematic growth while not pandering to the investment flavour of the month.

We provide creative, tailored investment solutions on a discretionary or advisory basis and in the alternative investments space, designed to match your specific needs, risk profiles and appetites.

We support key initiatives involving Family Office setup and management, the S13 Tax Incentives (13CA, 13R, 13X) and the new Variable Capital Company (VCC) corporate structure.

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Investment Services

  • Discretionary Management  we lighten the burden of financial decision-making, freeing you to spend time on the things that matter.

  • Advisory Services for those investors who wish to take an active role in managing their own portfolios.

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Family Office Services

Leaving a lasting legacy is an important consideration for many.  We customize solutions that suit your family interests and future plans. This involves investment portfolio management, and facilitation of succession and estate planning, family governance, tax advisory, and next generation training and development.   

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Wealth Planning and Structuring

We take the time to understand your specific circumstances to manage your wealth seamlessly. Through our strong global partner network, we address your structural and wealth planning requirements and guide you to find the best solutions.

Modern Office Building

Access to Special Opportunities

We interact with external partners to bring unique investment opportunities to the table such as private equity placements, hedge funds, private deals, real estate transactions, mezzanine and debt investment opportunities, M&A transactions and more.

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